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Understanding the Gold Silver Ratio and How to Swap

Swapping the Gold/Silver Ratio – Searching for a 15 – 35% Return With No Money Outlay

The upward pattern within the metals has many buyers proudly owning each. However, there’s extra you are able to do with gold and silver bullion than simply purchase and maintain. You can even periodically commerce, or “swap”, one for the opposite. To take action efficiently, you first want to grasp the gold/silver ratio.

The gold/silver ratio tells you the variety of ounces of silver it might take to buy one ounce of gold at a particular time. In the event you study gold and silver costs going again four,000 years, will discover:

  • The historic ratio is 16:1 (it has taken 16 ounces of silver to purchase 1 ounce of gold)
  • For the final 100 years, the ratio has been 30:1
  • Within the final 12 years, the ratio has held nearer to 60:1
  • In simply the previous the previous 5 years, the ratio has fluctuated from the low 40’s to virtually 100
  • As of March 1st, 2011, the gold/silver ratio was sitting barely beneath 40:1

How will we reap the benefits of this fluctuation?

  • First – we time our purchases primarily based on the ratio. When the ratio is comparatively excessive, we favor silver in new purchases. When the ratio is comparatively low, we favor gold.
  • Final – we act when the ratio reaches tops and bottoms. When the ratio is excessive, we swap gold for silver. Then when the ratio drops, we swap silver again into gold. Stated one other method, we swap silver for gold when silver has appreciated quicker than gold. Then, we swap gold again into silver when silver turns into “low-cost” relative to gold. Each time we undergo this cycle – gold to silver and again to gold – we enhance our ounces. That is the entire goal. For instance:
      • Suppose you had one ounce of gold, and the gold/silver ratio rose to 80:1. You’ll swap your one ounce of gold for 80 ounces of silver.
    • When the ratio contracted to 40:1, you’d swap your 80 ounces of silver again for two ounces of gold, doubling the variety of ounces you maintain.
  • Subsequent – we purchase the type of silver or gold that gives the opportunity of larger income. In periods of excessive demand, buyers will typically bid up the premium on sure objects 20 to 40% or extra of their underlying worth. At that time, we will swap the excessive premium objects for others with decrease premiums – capturing a lot of the distinction, and changing that distinction into additional ounces of steel.

Plus, using this method doesn’t require any further financial outlay. Benefiting from this ratio technique beats the choice – sitting nonetheless ready for the value to rise.


  • Taxes – In the event you notice a revenue from the transaction, you might owe tax on the achieve. We don’t provide tax recommendation. Please seek the advice of your tax specialist.
  • Market danger – I don’t decide swapping worth factors independently. Reasonably, I lean closely on others within the business which have additionally been training approach for many years.
    The market could not cooperate. The problem is appropriately figuring out the swapping factors primarily based on the relative valuations between the metals. The ratio may transfer a lot larger or decrease than our goal. We might then want to attend longer for the ratio to readjust itself. That is the important danger to these buying and selling the ratio.
  • Prices – Transaction prices resembling delivery, the bid-ask worth unfold and fee can attain as a lot as eight%, though they need to be decrease. We might want to maintain the commerce lengthy sufficient to recoup the transaction prices. Transaction prices related to buying and selling bodily metals are larger than buying and selling ETF’s, futures or different paper devices. In an effort to preserve your prices low, we cost solely one-half of our regular fee for a swap transaction. Many others will cost a full fee on each the purchase and the promote aspect. Watch out.


  • Extra Ounces without charge – The Gold/Silver ratio buying and selling technique takes an funding that’s in any other case stagnant and creates progress by growing the variety of ounces you maintain – with no more money outlay. Between now and the top of the bull market it’s best to conservatively count on to double your ounces using this technique.

What You Must Know

  • Once I first began to purchase metals virtually 20 years in the past, my mentor regularly jogged my memory that he was not a prophet. In the identical vein, if I’m improper about gold/silver ratio, it should value you cash. You will purchase silver as an alternative of gold and the gold will outpace the silver, or vice versa. I do not suppose that may occur. Or, if it does, it is going to be short-term. I’ve efficiently deployed this technique quite a few occasions. Typically the time frame between swaps is comparatively quick – possibly just a few months. Different occasions it has taken two years or longer.
  • I’m recommending swapping silver for gold when the gold/silver ratio drops to 48 or much less. Think about swapping extra if the ratio drops additional. We’ll then search the chance to swap that gold again into silver, capturing that achieve in further ounces of silver.
  • As a result of there are commissions and different transaction prices, you’ll not notice precisely the identical ratio because the spot ratio.
  • The swapping technique works for each small and huge buyers so long as you might be prepared to swap (150) ounces of silver or extra. We’ll swap into the bottom value, most available, most liquid gold cash – no matter provides you probably the most gold on your silver.
  • This isn’t a solicitation, solely a technique. Please do your personal due diligence and make your personal funding choice.
  • I nonetheless finally favor silver over gold as I stay satisfied that the ratio will attain 16:1 (or decrease) on the high of this bull market.


  • It’s unimaginable to swap an actual quantity of 1 steel for the precise quantity of one other. For instance, one ounce of gold may purchase 50.17 ounces of silver, however by no means precisely 50 ounces even. I do my best to swap as near even-up as potential. The residual we’ll settle in money. You could owe a small quantity, or you might be due a small quantity. I try to preserve these quantities underneath $100.

The gold/silver swapping alternative is presenting itself intermittently. In case you are all for studying extra on the way you may enhance your steel holdings by 15 to 35% or extra, with no money outlay, please contact us. The window of alternative could be very slim.

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